Luxury with a conscience

Fashion that’s forever style

MÈRIT ÖRLANDO is an eco-friendly fashion and accessories designer brand handcrafting timeless bohemian pieces for the modern-day slow shopper. Inspired by ancient methods and machinery, and natural fibres as silk, cotton, linen, upcycled and recycled ECOCERT linen and as well with leather merging with traditional tools to form pieces that adapt with the individual over time.

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Established in 2014 and based in Ibiza

ECOCERT factories fuel the artisan collections; channelling an affinity for functionality, feel and flattering design. Moving with variations in supply, each moment brings new colours, dyes and textures to her weaving table.

Summer Collection

Creating beyond the insatiable loop of mass production

MÈRIT ÖRLANDO is dedicated to fashion without an expiry date. To captivate those with a love for conscious design and forward-thinking lifestyles is the fuel behind the world of Mèrit.